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Are our facilities ready for future care delivery advances, climate change, longer lifespans, and workforce evolution?  Sara Marberry, a healthcare design expert with over 30 years of experience argues we have much to accomplish to meet coming challenges.

In an eye-opening presentation at HealthSpaces, Marberry crystallized five trends facilities leaders must get ahead of today. As a longtime expert tracking industry innovations, she’s earned expertise in scanning the winds of change to map emerging directions.

According to Marberry, the 5 trends that will impact the next decade of healthcare facility design and construction are:

  • Embodied Carbon Footprint 
  • ESG Investing 
  • Longevity Ready Communities 
  • Workforce Challenges 
  • Digital Technology 

Marberry made a compelling case that how we plan and construct environments must shift to enable access, sustainability, and human-centric care. It is time to rethink traditional norms as society’s needs rapidly transform.

Healthcare facilities should ultimately provide more than clinical services – they must flexibly promote well-being for people across generations and backgrounds. 

You can watch Sara Marberry’s future-focused presentation below: 



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