Health Facilities Innovation Forum Rebrands to HealthSpaces

To better reflect the shifts in how and where healthcare is being delivered, the Health Facilities Innovation Forum has been rebranded to HealthSpaces. Even though HFIF was only 5 years old, we felt it was important to update our name to better...

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How Healthcare Facilities Execs Remain Strategic Amid Uncertainty

In the healthcare industry, where it’s not always clear what lies ahead, how can we remain strategic and actually provide our organizations a point of certainty?

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Leadership Series: Walter Jones, MetroHealth

At MetroHealth, Walter Jones is overseeing an ambitious $1 billion dollar revitalization of an aging three-million-square-foot main campus. Jones is no stranger to mega-projects; his most recent undertaking was the planning, design, and...

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How Cleveland Clinic Keeps Up With the Pace of Innovation

Here in the early 21st century, we’re transitioning between two periods: the past, built from tradition and brick, and the future, which will run on innovation and technological advancement. Straddling these two eras, how can today’s healthcare...

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Prefab's Potential to Transform Healthcare Construction

According to BLOX CEO Chris Giattina, off-site manufacturing presents a significant opportunity to revolutionize the way we “build” buildings in healthcare.

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The Future of Healthcare & Impact on Facilities

What are the challenges facing facilities leaders as we move toward the future, and how can we overcome them?

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Leadership Series: Rick Redetzke, Spectrum Health

The push toward consumerism is increasingly at the forefront of health systems’ strategic decision-making...and according to Rick Redetzke, this is what is most exciting about the direction care delivery is headed.

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At Penn State Health, Telemedicine Improves Staff & Patient Experience

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (via Penn State).

A conversation about telemedicine is all but impossible without mention of Mercy Virtual Care Center. Two and a half years after its opening, Mercy remains a "bedless" hospital...

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Futurist Explains How Facilities Leaders Can Embrace Healthcare Disruption

In a world blazing forward on the back of AI, algorithms, and automation, how can healthcare facilities leaders effectively prepare for the future? 

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