Leadership Series: Bob Feldbauer, UC Health

According to Robert (Bob) Feldbauer, traditional project management methods can be the kiss of death for healthcare systems who follow them blindly. The System Vice President for Facilities, Construction and Real Estate at UC Health is passionate...

Hannah Chenoweth Jul 17, 2018

What Can Healthcare Learn From Retail & Hospitality?

The ‘passive patient’ in healthcare is rapidly becoming an extinct population. Armed with an unprecedented amount of information, today’s WebMD-literate consumers demand convenience, transparency, and personalization—aka, a healthcare experience...

Hannah Chenoweth Jun 26, 2018

Active Shooter Preparation: The Role of Healthcare Facilities Leaders

 In today’s unpredictable environment, the days of “It won’t happen here” are falling by the wayside. Preparing for the threat of an active shooter is a top priority at healthcare facilities, regardless of size or location.

Hannah Chenoweth Jun 14, 2018

Leadership Series: Brian Weldy, HCA

According to Brian Weldy, Vice President of FacilitiGroup Infrastructure Solutions at HCA, effective leaders are akin to music conductors. The strongest ones lead the vision and strategy, assemble a quality team, and empower each individual’s...

Hannah Chenoweth Jun 14, 2018

How Design Thinking is Driving Innovation in Healthcare

Over the past few years, design thinking has gained popularity for driving innovation for the world’s leading businesses. The beauty of this methodology is that it’s empathy-driven and intentionally cross-functional--tenets that are sorely needed...

Hannah Chenoweth Jun 4, 2018

How to Develop the Next Generation of Healthcare Facilities Leaders

Like many industries, facilities management is heavily impacted by the Baby Boomer retirement wave. In fact, unique industry factors make this issue even more critical. While the need to recruit the next generation of talent is top-of-mind, an...

Amanda Pachniewska May 29, 2018

Health Facilities Innovation Forum Rebrands to HealthSpaces

To better reflect the shifts in how and where healthcare is being delivered, the Health Facilities Innovation Forum has been rebranded to HealthSpaces. Even though HFIF was only 5 years old, we felt it was important to update our name to better...

Hannah Chenoweth Apr 25, 2018

How Healthcare Facilities Execs Remain Strategic Amid Uncertainty

In the healthcare industry, where it’s not always clear what lies ahead, how can we remain strategic and actually provide our organizations a point of certainty?

Amanda Pachniewska Apr 12, 2018

Leadership Series: Walter Jones, MetroHealth

At MetroHealth, Walter Jones is overseeing an ambitious $1 billion dollar revitalization of an aging three-million-square-foot main campus. Jones is no stranger to mega-projects; his most recent undertaking was the planning, design, and...

Hannah Chenoweth Apr 11, 2018