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At the 2014 Health Facilities Innovation Forum, attendees heard from Brian Weldy, Vice President of Engineering and Facilities Management at HCA. Much of the talk revolved around implementing innovation within an organization.

Weldy centered his talk on three main concepts. He discussed how innovation works, how to learn from those ideas, and a process for looking at innovation choice.

As Weldy said, there is "lot of talk, jargon, buzzword bingo, about this idea of innovation," and while some ideas concepts about innovation are "common sense," it's actually incredibly difficult to implement. Weldy used the Innovation Man ads that IBM produced as part of their "Stop Talking. Start Doing Campaign" to illustrate how much we talk about "innovation."

From there, Weldy broke down a standard definition of innovation. Boiled down, "Innovation is the continual realization of worthy ideas." Innovation never ends. You continually have to be innovating. You may have one great idea, but you have come up with another one. You also have to realize these ideas. It may have been an idea already thought of, but that idea may not have been done well. Of course, one must also have an idea that's worthy. As Weldy spoke, "if nobody really wants to buy it, use it, or have a function, it's worthless as well.

Watch Brian Weldy’s full talk on embracing innovation from HFIF 2014 below.

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