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Trisha Fong's passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) stems from her personal experiences growing up as the youngest of five children in an immigrant household in Seattle, where her parents instilled the importance of assimilation and finding pathways to success in American society. 

During a recent presentation at HealthSpaces, Fong, the Senior Associate and Director of 4wrd at E4H Architecture, shared how, since creating the "4wrd" program, she has established dedicated teams, feedback loops, and guiding principles to empower employees and address microaggressions. She underscores the significant business case for DEI, pointing out the tangible benefits such as increased creativity, brand awareness, revenue, and recruitment, all of which E4H Architecture has experienced firsthand. 

Trisha's message was one of inclusivity and empowerment. She encouraged health systems to follow a similar roadmap. Trisha's inspiring presentation serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their own DEI initiatives. 

Watch the full presentation here: 




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