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Today's facility leaders face a complex landscape. From juggling tight budgets and aging infrastructure to managing a hybrid workforce, the pressure is on.  As John Ellis, System Director, Facilities Management  at Intermountain Healthcare, said during a recent talk at HealthSpaces, "Facility managers are no longer simply technicians."

Ellis argued that emotional intelligence (EQ) is the secret weapon for navigating these challenges.  EQ encompasses self-awareness, empathy, and social skills.  By fostering a culture of emotional safety through these skills, facilities leaders can create an environment where problems become opportunities for creative solutions.

So, how can facilities leaders harness this transformative force? Ellis suggests practices like actively listening to understand, acknowledging and validating emotions, and fostering open communication.  By prioritizing EQ, facilities leaders not only empower their teams but also cultivate a thriving culture where everyone feels valued and motivated.

You can watch the full talk below:




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