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At HealthSpaces ‘24, Jordan Cram issued a wake-up call - the artificial intelligence revolution has arrived for real estate, construction, and facilities leaders. The Enstoa CEO didn't mince words about the transformative potential of integrating AI agents into teams to drive massive productivity gains.

Cram provided a detailed roadmap for operationalizing these "AI co-workers" by developing an "AI hiring plan." Just like onboarding human employees, he advised defining roles and responsibilities and assigning mentors to oversee each AI agent's work.

"We give them names, email addresses, the whole nine yards," Cram said. "Use the employment construct - treat them as you would any new hire."

A critical first step is ensuring data readiness. Cram stressed vetting structured project data and making unstructured information like contracts machine-readable to train the AI agents effectively.

"You need to get that data ready to go," he urged. "If you've invested in structured data like BIM models, you're going to be very glad you did."

The core benefit? Offloading repetitive, tedious tasks to tireless AI assistants frees up human talent for higher-value, strategic work requiring vision, keen attention to detail, and deep functional expertise. "Think about where you have highly repetitive work - that's where you use the AI agents," Cram advised. "Let the humans focus on more strategic priorities."

Cram issued a blunt call to action - the time to initiate this transformation is now before competitors gain an insurmountable lead.

"Starting soon is really critical. The companies that move first secure significant competitive advantage over others," he warned. "We've got to be ready for this - it will have a large impact."

The AI employee revolution has arrived. Those who start mapping out their AI strategy today will realize tremendous productivity gains tomorrow compared to those who delay.

You can watch Jordan’s full talk here:




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